Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Set Complete Drum Bundle

Real feel and natural sounds perfect for acoustic drummers making the switch to electronic.

Combining the superior playability of the DTX-PADs, real hi-hat controller and natural sounds, this system is superb for authentic training to really improve your acoustic drumming skills.

The new KP100 features a softer, more responsive head for an improved feel that will enhance your overall performance. The free App makes working the module as simple as operating an iOS device. Single zone DTX XP70 tom pads provide a great feel and simple operation as well as the RHH135 hi-hat with included Yamaha hi-hat stand.

Players can import up to 64MB of samples into FLASH memory for loading Free Yamaha Extra Content Kits. With the DTX700 you can import new sounds, songs and kits to customize the instrument to your style. The included 502 series rack system makes setup efficient, compact and comfortable with Real Drum Hardware. Its USB connectivity lets you control the studio with the included Cubase AI music production application.

  • Softer, more responsive head
  • Free App for simple control
  • Single zone DTX XP70 tom pads RHH135 hi-hat provide real feel
  • 64MB of FLASH memory for loading samples and additional kits
  • USB connectivity
  • 502 series rack system for efficient setup
  • Includes DTX700 module, XP80 snare, 3 XP70 toms, 3 PCY135 cymbals, RHH135 + HS740A hi-hats, KP100 kick and RS502 rack

  • Tom pad(s): 3
  • Cymbal pad(s): 3
  • Snare pad: 1
  • Kickpad: Yes
  • Total pads: 8

  • Display type: LCD
  • Drum kits: 50
  • Sounds: 1,396
  • Effects: Reverb, chorus
  • Trigger inputs: 12
  • Line input: Yes
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • USB: Yes
  • MP3: Not specified
  • MIDI: Yes
  • Training functions: Yes
  • Click: Yes
  • Memory: 64MB
  • Pad material: Rubber
  • Hoop material: Plastic
  • Zones: Multiple
  • Tom pad size: Not specified
  • Snare pad size: Not specified
  • Rack material: Steel
  • Hardware pieces: 3
  • Kick pedal: Yes
  • Throne: Yes

Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Set

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